Annual Maintenance Contract (AMC) for Microsoft Dynamics CRM Add-ons

Get peace of mind for a full year along with help directly from our CRM support experts.


Annual Maintenance Contract includes:

  • Email based support
  • Technology updates (newer versions of Microsoft CRM)
  • Feature updates
  • Patches

IOTAP additionally offers per incident support (that can be purchased from IOTAP store) for issues that need additional troubleshooting, may involve multiple interactions of support team through shared sessions, remote login, phone


First year AMC is included in the add-on cost. Future year AMC can be purchased from IOTAP store at 40% of the current list price. If the AMC remains in expired status for more than 30 days then the add-on needs to be re-purchased. We will send you reminder notifications well in advance of the contract expiry. The AMC annual term starts from the last AMC expiry date and not on the date it was renewed.


The AMC includes making updates available on the IOTAP server and not installation and configuration on the client system.

The updates are provided only for the general functionality of the add-on (base product). The AMC does not include updated versions for solutions that have been further customized.

Terminating Support

IOTAP reserves the right to stop providing future support or updates for some selected add-ons for the following reasons:

  • The add-on feature is available out-of-box in the new release of Microsoft Dynamics CRM
  • End of standard support lifecycle after the initial release of the Microsoft dynamics CRM version.
  • Any other reasons